Some sort of roadmap should probably go here....

Platform Support

Windows Support


Windows is our main development platform, so will be 100% supported from the start

MacOS Support

Under Consideration

First Light is currently not supporting MacOS due to Apple dropping support for OpenGL

Linux Support

In Progress

Initial testing on Linux results in a solid game performance. It seems compatibility has been completed in recent LWJGL versions which is awesome


Complex Dungeons


Castles and other dungeons with procedurally generated room layouts, locked and hidden doors, secret keys, puzzles.

Spirit Animal

Under Consideration

A characters Spirit Animal enables them to summon a helping hand for a certain duration during difficult times. You can modify the abilities of your Spirit Animal with the use of enhancement items

NPC Quests


NPCs can assign you side quests which involve collecting specialty items for them

On Screen Display

Interactive Mini-Map


A mini-map will enable the players to see the landscape from an ariel view

In-game Menus

In Progress

Enhancing the in game menu system to support a wide range of configurable options as well as adding gameplay related items such as inventory management


Anti Aliasing


Anti-Aliasing will be added to enable a smoother look for the voxel terrain.



Realistic shadows aligned with world axes for sharp edges.

Point / Spot Lights

In Progress

Add support for colourful point lights and spot lights, used for lanterns, torches, luminous flora, etc.

World Generation

Infinite Generation


Infinite random seeded world generation gives endless variation to the world you explore

Sky Islands


Each ‘world’ is a procedurally generated sky island, with a main dungeon and surrounding areas.


In Progress

Large castles on each island, with locked doors, hidden keys, and a final boss.


LAN Multiplayer


LAN multiplayer support to enable you and your friends to play together

Online Multiplayer

Under Consideration

If we can optimise the client-server connections enough there may be scope to enable online based server multiplayer.

Game Engine


Under Consideration

Possibility in a future release to fork out and create a stripped back engine that is compliant with the ES standard to enable possible mobile play

Metal rendering engine

Under Consideration

Due to Apples deprecation of OpenGL, we may consider making a rendering engine in metal to enable better Mac play


Automatic Updates


An automatic updating launcher to update the game as we develop new features.

Account Management


A login system to verify account status and help you keep track of friends


Positional SFX


Supporting positional Sound Effects to bring players deeper into the gameplay

Adaptive Music Engine

Under Consideration

This will enable the game music to vary in accordance with the current gameplay. Would be achieved with various loops and a multi-track playback system.