About First Light

First Light is a game in development by us, Chromatic Junkyard Studios. We've been working on it in our spare time and we think it's going to be great! Let me start by giving you a rough outline...

Basically, it's a sort of open-world adventure / exploration game. You travel between sky islands and explore the world, collecting items, levelling up, questing, and interacting with the local NPCs. Each Island has a series of quests and one main goal so to speak, at the moment this is the castles, however we're planning to expand this to other structures as well. Each structure has a series of puzzles, and various tasks that need to be completed in order to progress through the structure to ultimately reach the final boss. Once you've killed the boss, you can unlock your path to the next island where a new set of quests and challenges await.

This coupled with skill trees to work on, an in-game economy where buying and selling is key to your success, extensive character customisation and refinement as well as multiplayer ability should make for an enjoyable atmosphere and a fun time for all.

Of course nothing is set in stone, so why not get involved and help us shape First Light's future.